We can empower with influences

Published 10:05pm Monday, September 19, 2011

On Aug. 8, a HOAR official, Mr. Henry Hicks and I toured the new Selma High

During such delighted tour we felt a high degree of accomplishment and satisfaction. As I stood in the middle of the new gymnasium, this biblical line overtook me, “the latter house shall be greater than the former.”Yes the physical building will be greater than the former, and I’m also optimistic that our overall results will be better in this conducive learning environment. In these unsure and tough times, it is essentially pertinent for us to be hopeful and maintain a positive outlook.

The fulfillment that I experienced on the 8th of August is the type that one feels when his or her time, efforts, or other giving has been ultimately rewarded. I shook Mr. Hicks and the manager’s hands and I also thought about everybody, that I know, who worked hard to make this a possibility. As long as you live with people, you have the power or influence that can improve life or make the next person feel better. Any action, verbal or nonverbal, that has the capacity to trigger a positive feeling or growth is a gift. It may be speaking to associates and voting so that a child gets education in a modern facility, it may be praying for someone, it may be putting a good word for some one, it may mentoring others, it may be telling someone that everything will improve, it may be giving cash, it may be forgiveness, it may be giving an I appreciate you note, I love you note, I’m praying for you note, may God bless you utterance or note ,and any help or gift that will make someone around you realize that somebody cares .

It is established that those who give in hard times, particularly to the right cause or right people, always get rewarded with 100 percent return on investment. We can not relent our efforts to support improved education in these hard times because I strongly believe that hard times produce higher levels of perseverance and ingenuity in people.

Always note that education and wisdom are actually the ways out and not part of the reasons that we are having hard times or recession.

  • popdukes12

    Why don’t you give some credit to the taxpayers, I’m sure they had a small part to play in this somewhere. Oh, I forgot (as you always do) the taxpayer gave the gift and they have the note to show for it. Sometimes your just a little on the self centered and self righteous side. I’m sure there must be a small church that can use a good man like you for a Wednesday night service. pops

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