We must take responsibility for actions

Published 8:18pm Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear editor,

A committee I am a member of, the Selma Area Community Relations Committee, has discussed many areas of which we can have an impact.  These are areas a corporation reviews prior to making a decision as to where they will relocate their business.  One of our goals is to keep this information before our community.  It is our hope that each citizen will recognize that these things can only improve if we as individual citizens will change our action.  Several topics will be discussed over the next few months.  These areas are not government controlled.

One of the initiatives we are working on is “Racial Harmony and Spirit of Cooperation.” We intend to focus on all websites, radio stations, print media used by citizens to speak evil about fellow citizens as well as “organizations operating along racial lines.” First, we must understand that negative information put out by each of these groups gives Selma and Dallas County a “black eye.”  We understand that, as private citizens we can do as we please, so long as we do not violate any laws.  But, you must look at the effects your actions may have on our community. Having the right to do something does not mean that it is the right thing to.

There is nothing positive about websites and radio stations where people can “put down” another citizen or group without identifying themselves.  The down side of this is that the world has an opportunity to see the kind of community we have. This also gives corporations the same opportunity as they decide where to locate their companies. This must stop if we want to attract major industries.

The other areas of discussion are those organizations operating along racial lines.  As stated, we understand that private organizations have the right to operate as they please, however, we must be mindful of the effects it has on the image of our community. Our committee feels that it affects racial harmony and spirit of cooperation.  These are also areas reviewed by corporations and we urge you to think about it.”

In closing, we must take responsibility for our actions and how it affects the community.  Again, having the right to do something does not mean that it’s the right thing to do.  Each of us must take responsibility for making our community what it should be.

Joseph Bumbrey,

Selma Area Community Relations Committee

  • Renigade

    It’s all about “Leadership”!!! When 90% of your population will vote to re-elect OBAMA you don’t stand a chance. I wish I was wrong but that fact will not change. Good Luck and God’s Speed!!!

  • D-man

    I respect what you are saying here, but the truth is that someone must counter the group(s) that try to terrorise Selma, the group that seek to hurt, demolish, stir up hate divide people.

    In other words, there must be someone to divide the divider, because if the divider is united, then all hell will break lose.

    My conscious is clear. Thank-you.

  • popdukes12

    Is the SACRC registered with the state. This sounds like one of those organizations that was originated by three guys in the community room of the church. The self righteousness espoused in this article sounds like something straight out of “Mien Camf”, or “Death Wish 2″. There are so many little committees and social organizations in this town that it is getting impossible to keep up with who is speaking from a real position of authority and who is just running off at the mouth. Did the Selma Times check this committes credientials to see if they are a legitimate organization or not? I know the city council doesn’t check, so we will probably see them at City Hall next to get funding. popdukes12

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