Wisdom can lead us to excellence

Published 10:09pm Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Every organization needs the right wisdom to excel. I will desist from listing names in order not to omit important names, but most successful leaders that I have paid attention to, know exactly how to balance the right wisdom with other acquired knowledge for successful management of their people or organization.

One may be wondering what I mean by ‘the right wisdom’. It is impossible for me to answer this without flaunting my religion, so bear with me. My religion teaches me that there are types of wisdom. There is wisdom from heaven and there is wisdom that is not from heaven.

To be peaceful, respectful to others, able to yield when necessary, impartial, firm on belief, merciful or kind is not weakness; it is wisdom from above.

This wisdom will persuade you to reassess your budget and have effective budget amendment if the original budget is not feasible. The ability to unplan when the original plan is no longer reasonable is a leadership trait.

I tell people who look up to me that when I was a child that I learned that one of the greatest and richest leader that has existed believed that this leadership style would help him to improve ,even, his father’s great kingdom and he went after this wisdom with all alacrity and he got it.

This King excelled beyond expectations until pride, arrogance, and disobedience set in and affected him adversely.

I still believe that proper funding of education, even in recession, and cutting other superfluous areas is the wise thing to do; I still believe that it is wise to put your money where it is most useful; I still believe that peace and hope based decisions are visionary and great strategic plans; and I still believe that with God all things are possible.

It is true that a strategy that worked before may not present a solution for the future, but the wisdom from above will never fail you because of its components.

It is designed for today’s success, for tomorrow’s success, and forever’s success.

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