Parks keep Selma moving

Published 7:23pm Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear editor,

It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed seeing the support of everyone who attended the grand opening for the Phoenix Park and the beautiful River Walk Park.

Thanks to Mayor Evans, first lady Jeannie Evans, the Selma City Council, the city staff, Sheryl Smedley, Selma Ambassadors, the Bridge Builders and you for a pleasant and enjoyable evening at the new Phoenix Park/Riverfront Park. We have the natural resources and the manpower that can develop and enhance our community. We are getting active and moving Selma forward. Way to go Selmians!

The event served as an encouragement for our community and designated the entire family. It was great for the children of all ages, the adults and the great diverse group of Dallas Countians. This activity re-enforced the desires for us to become a healthier community by becoming active and moving. Let’s continue this momentum being active as we utilize ways to get motivated as we explore the outside by walking our trails. I am encouraging you to walk or start a team of walkers so we can improve our health. This event demonstrated that your “tax dollars” are at work for this community.

Thursday was a normal hot August day, however, I always look at the positive and good in things, and I observed that shortly after 5 p.m. as the crowd assembled, there was no hot sun in the Phoenix Park Area because the two adjacent tall buildings served as a blocker as the sun went down, and we had shade and relief from the afternoon sun. The temperature became cool and calm. God is always in control. Relief, relief, relief.

It was great seeing the smiles, laughter, enjoyable music, pleasant greeting and the children and some adults participating in the various exercise routines. I trust that families will make a commitment to become healthier and to utilize our beautiful walking trial also at Bloch Park, the Valley Grande Walking Trail, and kudos to the Selmont Community for their new upcoming walking trail. Way to go Dallas County! These outdoor walking areas confirm we need to utilize and enjoy the great outdoors more, thus keeping us healthier and wiser with very little cost and with families in mind.

We enjoyed cool delicious apples provided by the Vaughan Community Health Service Team and cold bottles of water donated by some of the local merchants. I hope the community will continue to come together and play a role in the continued transformation and growth in the development of the Riverfront. Thus attracting tourists that will have a wonderful experience and continue to promote historic Selma, Alabama.

We must keep moving forward, keep pressing onward so our ray of light will continue to shine as we attract new business, jobs, new development, better education opportunities, better health care, a greater quality of life with a total holistic approach for our community.

Special thanks to the Allen family for sharing the late Dr. Geraldine Allen with us over the years. We will be reminded of her love, commitment, talents, dedication to the community and to all the Alabamians lives she touched. The Bronze Plaque and the trail will serve as a reminder of her love for her community. I value her many contributions.

I will conclude with a few points on walking: My feet was made for walking. I can walk as long or short as I like to, I am in control. You do not need fancy equipment. It keeps my joints loose. It’s the best health insurance. I can feel the wind in my face, hear the birds singing, I can sing, whistle, pray and be thankful for where I am at this very special time as I enjoy walking. Walk happy and you are happier.

Keep moving forward Selma and Dallas County.

Evelyn Cox


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