Dallas County Land Transactions for period ending August 25, 2011:

Published 7:29pm Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jerome L. Deese to Glenda D. Deese, Lot 3-H, Div of Lot 3, ERN-LO Subdivision, $101,600

Libert Shaw to Roderick Moore, Lot 6 of Block G, Matthews Subdivision

Roderick Moore to Libert Shaw, Lot 6 of Block G, Matthews Subdivision, $8,900

Cheryl E. Nielsen to Sale James Nielsen, Dallas County, $50,000

William K. Perkins to Regions Bank, Dallas County, $80,000

Johnnie E. Smith to Cathy Carswell, Dallas County, $1,000

Thomas Ray Williams to Bob Carswell, Dallas County, $1,000

Fred W. Jowers to V. L. Knight, Dallas County, $15,000

Harriett Boglin to Derrick Dewayne Smiley, Dallas County, $5,000

Angi D. Derocher to Hill Byrum, Dallas County, $6,643

Hill Byrum to Branch Banking and Trust, Dallas County, $66,357

Alan David Ousley to J P Morgan Chase Bank N A, Lot 16, Block B, Pinehurst

Eleanor Louise Reynolds to Eleanor Louise Reynolds, Dallas County

Fletcher P. Trammell, III to Susie Folkes, Dallas County, $35,000

Susie Folkes to Riverdale Credit Union, Dallas County

Frederick Douglas Reese to Frederick Douglas Reese, Lot 1&3 of the Weaver Addition, $34,000

John O. Davis to Viva L. Poe, Lot 6 of Soapstone Valley Subdivision, $6,000

Simon Ma to Sheila Y. Parker, 1845 Broad Street

Sheila Y. Parker to Simon Ma, 1845 Broad Street, $38,081.13

Ricky Cook to Ricky Cook, Dallas County, $1,000

Harvery L. Pickering to Regions Bank, Dallas County, $85,000

Royce Riley, Jr. to Regions Bank, Dallas County, $37,025.27

Angela Hamilton Miller to RBC Bank USA, 231 Cone Drive, $67,000

Lee Ann More Jung to Mark Ap R Jones, Dallas County, $5,000

John R. Tribby to John R. Tribby, Dallas County, $1

Rosetta A Walker to Winfred Walker, Dallas County, $22,297.23

Carl L. Seele, Jr. to Jamelle Dubose, Dallas County

Jamelle Dubose to Alliance Financial Resource, 612 Laurel Circle, $59,000

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