Board members should not become bad politicians

Published 9:55pm Monday, August 22, 2011

It is not unusual for a school board member to vehemently fight, only, for the schools in his or her district.

While we represent districts, still our obligations, as a unit, are designed to ensure that all children in our city succeed.

When a board member works only for the schools in his/her district, such positioning ordinarily portrays such person as a politician with poor intention or ambition. Relative to Selma City School, I have sometimes wondered if every board member should have been elected at large like the chairman; so that all members will care and work for all schools in the city.

It may not utterly eliminate politics but, it is my opinion that, it will definitely minimize unfair positioning of board members.

It is my observation that when school board members behave like  obnoxious politicians, it takes away the honor and the dignity of being chosen to help establish policies that will enable all God’s children in the community to reach their potential.

It is my conclusion that sometimes some board members may be obligated to support their political party’s overall agendas.

Political parties are not necessarily bad, particularly when they serve to ensure that another party or group is checked for misuse of power; still I have many times pondered if the only reasonable party that is worthy of existence is POG (Party of God).

A true member of POG will be afraid to do wrong to a group of children who are not in his or her constituent.

True members of POG will not allow self-centeredness, pride, & contemptible ambition to direct their actions.

It is my hope that this article is persuasive enough to make an impact to all that are in the positions that affect a child’s life; politics is not good for children.

Regardless, it is my suggestion that people find out what a person believes in, worships, and things that are very important to a person before entrusting him/her with some leadership positions;particularly those affecting children. What people worship, usually, defines fairness or goodness for them.

What people believe in determines how they become comfortable with certain decisions.

I am glad that the Selma city School Board, as a body, honors God through prayer before every work session and board meeting.

Our gratification, of course, will not be complete until our children in school are encouraged to start their school day by reaching out, also, to the Omniscience God.

  • popdukes12

    I didn’t realize that the school board was “vetted” through a partisan process. In that a city school board is a municipal level position,I didn’t realize that a declaration for party affiliation was required. Does anyone know how many Democrats, Republicans, and independents are on the board? If you are implying that how one “worships” is a prerequisite for inclusion to the board, maybe you should install a quota for each denomination. 1-Christian, 1-Jewish, 1-Muslim,1-Catholic,1-Budist,and 1-Morman. If you are that concerned about religion in the school system, and your spending about $8,000 per student per year, give each child that requests it a voucher for about $5,000 to attend a prerocial school and pocket the difference. I’m rather sure that even saying the Lord’s prayer over the intercome system has been outlawed. I still have to ask myself if you ever read your articles before posting them.popdukes12

    P.S. Be careful of what you wish. An at large election would probably put you in a lot more precarious position than the one you currently enjoy.

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