Dallas County Land Transactions for period ending July 21, 2011:

Published 9:00pm Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Alfred A. Moore, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to U S Bank National Association, Dallas County

Charlie James Vincent to Ella Vincent Irby, Dallas County

Juanita Vincent Mallard to Ella Vincent Irby, Dallas County

John Vincent Jr. to Ella Vincent Irby, Dallas County, $52,500

First Cahawba Bank to Lorie Roberts Jones, Lot 1 of Block J, Overlook Hill

Lorie Roberts Jones to First Cahawba Bank, 3613 Merrifield Drive, $35,000

Sandra A. Jones to Citibank N A, 235 Thomas Drive, $65,000

Rebecca Jean Dave McCray to William M. Bailey, Dallas County, $30,000

William M. Bailey to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Household Finance Corp of, Dallas County

John McInto Higginbotham to Ashley H. McHugh, Dallas County, $50,000

John McInto Higginbotham to John McInto Higginbotham, Lot 1 & 3 of Arrowhead Point Subdivision, $50,000

Southland Properties LLC to Dowanda D. Pullom, Lot 4 of Block U Woodland Heights Subdivision, $2,916

Dowanda D. Pullom to Wells Fargo Bank N A, Lot 4 of Block U Woodland Heights Subdivision, $69,084

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bank of New York Mellon, Block 6, Lot 4 of Clark School Urban Renewal Area

Citibank N A to Darryl Bradley, Lot 1 of Bon Ai Subdivision, $25,000

Buford I. Campbell, Sr. to Buford I. Campbell, Jr., Dallas County, $6,300

Buford I. Campbell Jr. to BankTrust, Dallas County, $35,700

Frazier Davidson to Lillian Brown, Dallas County, $39,000

Kevin Oxford McLaughlin to Erica L. Jackson, Lot 79, Ocmulgee Estates, $6,161

Eric L. Jackson to GTC Mortgage Company, Inc. 111 Shawnee Circle, $236,839

Eli Waugh, Jr. to Eli Waugh with a Life Es, Lot 2 of Block 2, Robbins Addition, $16,000

James Ford to TJC Mortgage, Dallas County, $153,440

Norman L. Trotter to TJC Mortgage, 607 Selma Ave., $181,291

Claude F. Smith VII LLC to General Parts Distribution, Dallas County, $299,767.10

Earl A. Haugen to EE Properties, LLC, Dallas County, $125,000

Castle Rock Industries LLC to Petro Constructors, LLC, Dallas County, $4,000,000

James E. Phillips to Greg Horton, Dallas County, $62,000

Osasere Lambert Oghedo to Rufus King, Jr., Dallas County

Rufus King, Jr. to Regions Bank, 2005 Westwood Drive, $134,290

Donald Willard Ingram to Lynne A. Ray, Dallas County, $17,000

Lynne A. Ray to Branch Banking and Trust, 47 County Road 269, $68,000

Cleophus Polnitz, Jr. to Cleophus Polnitz for And, Lots 18 & 19, Block 8 Medley St.

Rece Karl Roth to Alabama Housing Finance, 408 Gary Ave.

Allen R. Mosley to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 506 Hampton Road, $123,200

Alberta Williams to Alabama Better Built Homes, Lot 26, Block A, Valley View Estates, $10,000

O. C. Speight, Jr. to Oscar Cob Speight, Jr. Int., Lot 5 of Block E Castlewood Addition

Dorothy M. Baidy to BankTrust, 1816 LeGrande St., $25,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to U S Bank N A as Trustee212 W. Castlewood Dr.

Stephen J. Grossman to Stephen J. Grossman, Dallas County, $100

Paul D. Owens, Jr. to Rodney M. Payne, Lot 1, Owens-Payne Subdivision, $4,000

James Oliver Childress to Mutual Savings Credit Union, Lot 1 Block B Travis B. Posey Elkdale Pk. Subdivision

Nick G. Stevens to Maria K. Stevens, Dallas County, $59,900

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