Businesses should not be ashamed of profits

Published 9:29pm Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I don’t often find myself in the position of defending Wal-Mart, but the assassination of Wal-Mart by a syndicated columnist in the July 2 edition of the newspaper prompts a reply. Not that the columnist has any credibility, because she obviously has a political agenda to promote. It was quite apparent from the names she called out as attendees, they weren’t at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce.

I’ve never understood how liberals think and where they get these grandiose ideas of being the protectorate of the people.

Why they think business shouldn’t be in business to make money. And, businesses should only operate to provide a service for the people who patronize them or work there. Does this sound like socialism to you? It does to me.

In our highly competitive capitalistic system, you have to make a profit to remain in business. Those who provide the capital for a company to operate, expand and provide goods or services expect a fair return on their investments.

The company itself is entitled to a fair return as well for taking the risk, paying its indebtedness, providing for its employees, giving back to the community and defending the company against challenges whether frivolous or otherwise.  Sorry liberals, but it takes a lot of money to operate a business.

I would submit that Wal-Mart is doing a service to the community and country. More people would face decisions between medications and food if it weren’t for Wal-Mart.

Additionally, unemployment would probably be much higher. The more unemployment you have, the higher your indigent and welfare roles become.

If it weren’t for Wal-Mart, fast food businesses and other similar employment, where would a huge number of people seek employment? We are not a Mecca of manufacturing anymore in this country.

There has to be a safety net under the high tech jobs that require highly educated or skilled workers for those with lesser degrees of education to be gainfully employed.

Everyone cannot be scientist, engineers, or IT technicians. I happen to believe most people would prefer a job to being dependent on government welfare or homeless. At least I would hope this is still true.

Is Wal-Mart a perfect place to shop or work, probably not, but neither are many other places. Have they driven small mom and pop businesses out of business, no doubt about it.

But, to vilify Wal-Mart simply for operating to make a profit is extremely unfair, idiotic and un-American.

  • D-man

    A good example of not seeing the forest for the trees. The big picture is that america is getting screwed. The AFTA’S are spreading ameeicas wealth to othr countries while lowering all average middle class incomes and closing down american factories and jobs and goverment jobs are increasing whose salaries are 100% paid for by the axpayers that remain.

  • D-man

    basically allowing slave labor imports and the slave labor of other countries bring products to the united states snuffing out american industries who can not remain profitable therefore eliminating american industry and textile jobs and replacing some of them with higher salary government jobs.

    Seems to me all of that is increasing the national debt while decreasing the average middle class income which is having to compete with slave labor countries.

    So, who was the “genius” and “traitor” who agreed to the AFTA’s… remind me again?

    • popdukes12

      Slick Willy……A Democrat no less. pops

  • D-man

    yes… i remember the big debates about those… there needs to be some changes in those agreements.

    it appears there may be treason involved in selling out american jobs and american interests…

  • JustTheDude

    American Free Trade Agreements… NAFTA and CAFTA to be specific…

  • D-man

    Air Force Technical Application?

    What AFTA’s?

    • popdukes12

      Cute D-man.

      • D-man


  • JustTheDude

    the “AFTA”s won’t allow it

  • D-man

    The big profits come from outsourcing products from overseas slave labor vendors instead of supporting american interests.

    Walmart is in unique position to help this countries economy. Surely they could look into purchasing more american made products.

    If the pressure is to great to keep prices low, then the government should tax imports so that every store would be more inclined to make the shift to american textiles and products.

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