Crisis is looming

Published 11:19pm Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear editor,

Believe it or not, there is a real crisis looming in our country the likes of which we have never experienced before. I know it is unpopular to talk about especially with the loony left listening, but as the old saying goes “if you won’t listen, then you will have to feel.” I’m speaking about the deficit and debt crisis we face as a nation. It is the only mortal enemy that can defeat us and it is knocking at the door.

I happen to agree with Herman Cain when he said America is in crisis. He states we have “a moral crisis, an economic crisis, an energy crisis, an entitlement spending crisis, an immigration crisis, a national security crisis and a deficiency of leadership crisis in Washington, D.C.”

The prognosis couldn’t be much dire than that in my opinion.

The Democrats  hold fast to what gets them elected, of more and more promises of freebees and handouts. Our news media is in lock step with the Democrats in vilifying every proposal put forth by Republicans of trying to reign in the massive deficits and debt of the federal government. Facts are, the excessive spending is absolutely unsustainable and will cause the collapse of our government.

The overwhelming majority of political cartoons we are privileged to unfairly depict Democrats as saints and Republicans as demons. I  must confess it is more than annoying at times given the stakes are so high and the outcome is so grave.

The federal government must stop spending that which it does not have. The reaction to electing a Democrat in a Republican stronghold recently in New York crystallized the problems we face. Federal programs are almost impossible to eliminate or change once started.

Ronald Reagan once said “the closest thing to immortality is a federal program.“ Even voters who aren’t to retirement yet do not want changes to something they anticipate inheriting. The message here is to cut out all the waste, corruption and abuse before even thinking about Social Security or Medicare. Although, these programs have been expanded far beyond their original intent to include everyone whether earned or unearned recipients.

We have reached a critical stage in our democratic republic that has been so successful and wonderful. It is high time Democrats step up and help solve the problems as statesmen rather than being obstructionists. There is far too much at stake for all citizens.

James G. Smith


  • D-man

    the biggest crisis in our countries history isn’t too many years around the corner… radical change is needed.. not sure if one four year term will fix it…

    also, on top of all other problems, wars cost billions and billions and take focus off of things such as creation of industrial jobs, balances of trade, creation of local businesses, improving the economy…

    how much money does China spend on helping other countries, how much on aid, how much on wars… ?seems to me they are focusing on GROWTH and their ECONOMY and it seems like we appear to be working on losing our super power status…

    get your eye back on the ball is what I say to ALL politicians and government officials…

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