Leadership will bring greatness

Published 9:33pm Friday, June 10, 2011

Greatness looms for Selma too. Some may disagree, but I see a Selma in the future and it looks much better than it looks right now. I feel it strongly, and I see reliable signals of prosperity. As a matter of certainty, I have seen some utilized and some yet-to-be utilized leadership skills that confirm my position. Furthermore, I have listened to some spiritual leaders say that the latter city is going to be greater than the former.

Do not get me wrong; it may be impossible to have a perfect city, but it is possible to improve. From the signals that I am getting, it is obvious that the new Selma High School building, the additions to Wallace Community College, the growth in Selma University, the Concordia College expansion, the Selma Interpretive Center, the circles of good friendships being formed, the development along the river and around the corner of Water Avenue and Broad Street are nothing compared to what is to come to Selma Alabama if people  start seeing Selma as God sees Selma. Elected officials are not powerful. Power belongs to the people that vote wisely.

It is very easy to see greatness in a place or even in people after they become great. Amazingly, the most important support a people, a person, or a place needs should come before they become great. We should all desist from looking and talking down people or a city that we have been placed by God to help. We must look beyond our weaknesses and delegate our potentials to action. We must let the rivers of our powers flow without unnecessary blockages.

Not going to the polls to vote is a blockage, not voting for the best reason is a blockage, mean spirited politics is a blockage, multi- cultural unawareness is a blockage, self-centeredness is a blockage, lack of God fearing motive/ initiative is a blockage, lack of unity is a blockage, unnecessary competition is a blockage, enviousness is a blockage, ungratefulness is a blockage, revenge is a blockage and hatred is a blockage.

We cannot allow these blockages to impede Selma’s or people’s ability to maximize their potential.I know some people who do believe that The Selma’s Train of Success (STS) will someday ride on the rails of prosperity; a train packed with the people with the power of love, power of choices-including choosing the right leaders, power of peace, power of hope, power of foresight, power of prayer, power of wisdom, power of respect, power of empathy, power of unity, and the power of our almighty God.

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