Dallas County High School graduate Cassie Daniels has been scratching items off her to-do list quite a lot lately after helping the Lady Hornet softball team win a Class 4A state championship and being named her class’ valedictorian. -- Tim Reeves

Opportunities open up for Daniels

Published 5:39pm Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Editor’s note: This is sixth in a series of articles spotlighting the valedictorians from each of the schools in Dallas County.

Laying out on the grainy white sands of a Florida beach, Dallas County graduate Cassie Daniels relaxes under a glowing sun as she touches the last page of her electronic book.

For the 2011 class valedictorian, reading is a favorite pastime.

“I read all the time,” Daniels said. “My favorites are Christian romances. They’re all predictable but have a message.”

Even with her school softball team’s recent Class 4A softball state championship win against Cherokee County, multiple most valuable player titles, perfect games, home runs, athletic and academic scholarships and honor rolls throughout her schooling, Daniels remains humble.

“My parents and my faith kept me grounded,” Daniels said. “I have deep roots.”

Daniels attended Valley Grande Elementary and Martin Middle before enrolling in Dallas County. Throughout her youth, she participated in gymnastics, dance, basketball and softball, which is her passion.

“Softball is definitely my favorite — there’s nothing like it,” Daniels said.

Making good grades is something to which Daniels is no stranger.

“I’ve always made good grades because I was scared of my parents’ reaction if I’d made a B. As I got older, I learned to appreciate making good grades because of the opportunities.”

Daniels admits she wasn’t a wild child growing up and that her parents, Robin and Phillip, are her biggest inspirations.

“I think both my parents gave me a good work ethic,” Daniels said. “Some children nowadays just don’t appreciate hard work. My parents did what they had to do to get by. It didn’t matter if they were sick, they would just take medicine and move on.

“My dad came from nothing and he worked hard to give his kids what he never had, and my mother, who was an army brat, came from a strict family,” Daniels said. “They showed me to keep at it.”

Daniels, who will take one month off to relax, said she will baby-sit and attend a softball camp and workout sessions for the summer, to prepare for the fall. She will attend Auburn University at Montgomery and major in English.

“I want to teach,” Daniels said. “I still want to be involved in all areas with softball, so I’ll probably be either a coach or an assistant coach one day.”

As she looks back over her successes, Daniels said she believes God has had His hand on her life. She said her favorite Bible scripture is Romans 8:28, which states how all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.

“It’s amazing what happens when you involve God in your daily life,” Daniels said. “If you keep His will first, He will not allow you to get into anything you cannot handle. If He brought you to it, He will bring you through it; God is always with you.”


    Congratulations!! I love articles like this one! Cassie…I’m STILL checking off “to do” things after all these years. It’s nothing but FUN! Wishing you the best.

  • popdukes12

    For some reason, my “Bucket List” doesn’t look like her’s. Pops

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