Pollack lived a life of true service

Published 10:34pm Thursday, April 21, 2011

With the death Tuesday of Jane Pollack, Selma lost a community treasure, residents lost a devoted friend and a number of civic, service and charitable organizations will have a void impossible to fill.

A graduate dietitian she served 50 years in that profession as a consulting dietitian and dietary director at hospitals, nursing homes and the county jails, including the old Vaughan Hospital in Selma, the old Baptist Hospital in Selma, the John Paul Jones Hospital in Camden and the Perry County Nursing Home.

Pollack was recently recognized in Chicago for her years of service to her profession.

As a volunteer and board member she served the West Central Alabama Rehabilitation Center, the Salvation Army and SABRA Sanctuary. In recognition and appreciation of her years of service she was the recipient of “The Book of Golden Deeds” in 2006.

Pollack was known as a “people person” who according to her sons Jon and Andy Stewart “cared about people, helped people and served on any committee to help people.” Her husband, Charles, says “she made people laugh, made friends with everyone she met. She was the most giving person that ever lived. Our world will be a worse place without her.”

She was the grandmother of 10, a role her husband says “she loved. Being a grandmother brought her the joy of doing things with them, from fun in Selma to going to the coast. The children gave her the nickname ‘Go-Go’ because she was always ready to go with them.”

Her many friends will remain grateful for the joyful memories evolved through those years. Clara Olsen, one of those friends, says of Pollack, “she was the most giving person that ever lived, always happy. Jane was a very strong person, always up, always encouraging people. She did not have an easy life but she was a strong person, filled with faith. And everyone was her friend. Jane made no distinction.”

June Eagle Cohn is a friend of more than 40 years who recalls “Jane did so many good things for everybody and was always on the go, doing something for Selma.”

Myrna Todd Hollis became friends with Jane Stewart in 1971 “when I first came to Selma from Birmingham,” she recalls. “We were both Auburn fans and we used to go to the football games in our motor home, with Jane and her husband, Dr. Hartselle Stewart. She was so much fun and she remained an Auburn fan.”

In later years, Jane and Charles and Myrna and Bob Hollis often enjoyed weekends at the Hollis cabin on Lake Martin.

In Selma she remained involved, enjoying her bridge group, enjoying her friends, enjoying her church work and, as always, enjoying life. Although her life was not always easy Pollack remained strong after the deaths of her husband, Dr. Stewart and later their son Barry.

Sustained by her faith, her family and her friends, she never ceased to enjoy life.


    And, by the way, Jean Martin, you are another one…another inspirational woman. Thank you!


    Beautifully written. I especially like…”And everyone was her friend. Jane made no distinction.” No sweeter words could ever be said about one of God’s children. I’m sure He is very proud of her! The best way to honor her is to live more like her. Thank you, Jane Pollack. You will indeed be missed on this earth.

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