Dallas County Land Transactions:

Published 10:41pm Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ronald Franklin Jones to Embrace Home Loans Inc.; 512 Agee Avenue, Selma; $90,142

Robert Myers to State Farm Bank FSB; 228 County Road 81, Selma; $162,150

Banktrust as successor TR to Stephen Mothershed; Plat 1, Lot 9, Lexington Place, Selma; $40,000

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Stephen Mothershed; Dallas County

Eli Ray Weaver to Marion Bank and Trust; Dallas County; $175186

Lizzie Steve to Earnest Harrion; Dallas County; $5,000

Deutsche Bank National to George William Chance; 16 Deerfield Drive, Selma; $43,800

Alice Moore to Dorothy Moten; 407 Dedman Street, Selma; $9,066.66

Louise Cruz to Dorothy Moten; 407 Dedman Street, Selma; $9,066.66

Newport Inc to Linda S Virgin; Dallas County; $377,000

Godrey D Lyons to Quicken Loans Inc; 511 Dixie Drive, Selma; $78,650

Ira Denise Harris Austin to John D Harrison Jr.; Plat 4, Lots 865-A, Craig Subdivision; $15,000

James Carter to Regions Bank; 2004 County Road 85, Sardis; $26,000

James E Bedgood, Jr. to James E Bedgood, Jr.; Dallas County

James E Bedgood, Jr. to First Cahawba Bank; 130 Old 4 Marion Junction Road, Selma; $130,000

James E Bedgood, Jr. to First Cahawba Bank; 130 Old Marion Junction Road, Selma; $20,000

Jamie Wayne Sims to Burford L Campbell, Sr.; Dallas County; $195,000

Cheryl R King to Warren David Brown; Dallas County, $28,500

Kerry Gibb to James Lowe; Dallas County; $10,500

James Polnitz to Alabama AG Credit FLCA; Plat 1, Lot 9, Pear Tree Subdivision

Eula M Leslie to A&F Enterprises LLC; Dallas County; $9,000

Cartledge W Blackwell, Jr. to First Cahawba Bank; 110 Russel Drive/ 619 Alabama Avenue, Selma; $167,000

Marion Evone Allsion to Cathy Diane Jones; Dallas County; $59,000

Delores Gawne to M&E Inc; Dallas County; $2,500

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