Reduction in force policy forces job cuts

Published 12:03am Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The downward spiral in the economy and proration have forced my school districts in Alabama to take a very close look at their reduction in force policy to eliminate some jobs, transfer personnel, and to save money.

The 2006 Alabama Administrative Code states, “Each board shall adopt a written reduction-in-force policy consistent with Section 16-1-30. The policy shall include, but shall not be limited to, layoffs, recalls, and notifications of layoffs and recalls. The reduction-in- force policy of the board shall be based on objective criteria.

The code defines layoff as an unavoidable reduction in the work force beyond normal attrition due to decreased student enrollment or shortage of revenues.

Most school systems in the state of Alabama and nationwide base their reduction in force policy’s objective criteria on “seniority”, rather than job performance.

Performance evaluation has a degree of subjectivity. This subjectivity has led to legal challenges.

Tenured and non-tenured employees are affected by the reduction in force policy. An employee who currently holds administrative status may be transferred back to the position where he or she gained tenure, with salary commensurate to the lower position.

This policy and its procedures can be complicated. Sometimes, there are several employees with similar positions and equal seniority.

School districts tend to use the reduction in force policy as a last resort.

  • Renigade

    Reinstatement of the draft would do the nation more good than most realize. I’m glad to see there are other’s out there that see the true problem. If the current trend continues change will take place and hopefully the “Give Away” programs will fall by the side. We need to look back to some of the work programs we had during the thirties. People should have to earn every cent they put in their pocket. This philosophy is what made America “Great”!!!

  • Renigade

    You start by testing at a young age and those who score highest move to the next level. By the time they hit junior high you will know who is college material and who isn’t. Continued testing will determine the fields they need to pursue. This way the best and brightest are challenged and move ahead. Why waste time,energy and resources on those who are not capable. To think everyone in America deserves to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer is “LUDICROUS”. The U.S. Government is only obligated to provide a basic education, not a life time of schooling. Only a “functioning moron” would think otherwise and I’m sure you would agree. This system seems to work quite well in Europe and Asia.

    • popdukes12

      The world needs ditch diggers too. popdukes12

    • mo-of-thesame

      Actually the government is not constitutionally obligated to provide an education at all. Education is not a right but a privilege. Only life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed; finding that happiness is up to each individual.

      What is truly wrong is we give incentives to fail in this country. There are those, and in Dallas County in great numbers, that force children into special education for the extra income. These same children become teenage unwed parents who continue to use the system to provide. We are in 4th generation government assistance with every opportunity available they do not grab the ring.

      I agree with Pop, we need ditch diggers and brick layers. Everyone can not go to college. There will always be alphas and betas but everyone should contribute rather than as current over 50% taking.

      If they want a college education go into the service… better yet reinstate the draft and teach these thugs respect for God and country and perhaps they will stop killing each other. And by the way quit blaming others your happiness is entirely up to you.

      With regards to defense the nimrod below should understand that defense is one of the largest economic engines in the country. Not only does it provide safety for taxpayers and tax takers it provides jobs and technology in both public and private sector. And with reference to our size budget as compared to other countries… HOO RAH, we are the world’s police and protector of democracy.

      • JustTheDude

        While education may not be a constitutional “obligation” even you should be able to recognize the importance of education and how that helps or hinders a countries overall economic development..

        I absolutely agree that it is wrong that we give incentives for failure. The most reprehensible of this welfare IMO goes to the rich, Airlines, Banks, and Car companies all given corporate Welfare (TAX MONEY).

        I will also agree that there is a huge problem with generational welfare as well, just as you have mentioned. How do you break that? EDUCATION! We have an underclass in our society that have been raised and TAUGHT to milk the system, it is the ONLY way they know how to get by. Does social welfare need reform? ABSOLUTELY! I am not pretending there is not a problem.. Am I gonna get on my high horse and condemn these people for being born into poverty and this way of life? Absolutely NOT. They need help not self righteous condemnation.

        Then you start calling names? Really? What are you 4 years old?

        I fully understand “that defense is one of the largest economic engines in the country”.. Did you not read what I posted, 965BILLION in 2011 (those were projected before we started lobbing missiles into Libya, we will probably top a trillion this year).

        “we are the world’s police and protector of democracy.”

        We propagate war to fuel the machine, and protect democracy ONLY WHEN IT IS IN THE MACHINES BEST INTEREST..

  • Renigade

    I would much rather be doing the killing than being killed. Maybe a viable education would prove this message to be true. I have no problem justifying a strong defense and most would agree that is what has made this Nation great. Education is what one works for and it requires discipline and focus it should not be a privilege passed out to everyone. Make people earn what they receive and we will always be a World Power!

    • JustTheDude

      I am not implying that we don’t need a “strong defense” but the amount we spend on it is LUDICROUS, when you consider the state our society is in.

      The US spent more in 2009 on defense than
      China, United Kingdom, France, the Russian Federation, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, Turkey, Israel, & Greece..
      COMBINED! (those are the TOP 17 spending countries behind the U.S.).

      Meanwhile we have a literacy rate of 85% in Alabama.. That’s behind 115 other countries… YES 115, including such educational powerhouses as Mexico, Jamaica, Libya, Lebanon and Vietnam…

      Our priorities are OUT of WHACK.

      I would like to know how you decide which people are “privileged” enough to get an education and which ones aren’t. Are you saying that the US Government shouldn’t supply our children with a quality education? How do you expect to remain a “World Power” when the majority of it’s citizens are functioning morons?

  • JustTheDude

    The 2010 Education budget came in at 140 Billion, with proration the 2011 est budget will be 130 billion… A decrease of 10 Billion..

    The 2010 defense Budget came in @ 847 BILLION! With Proration the 2011 est budget will be 965 Billion! an INCREASE of 118 BILLION!

    A mere 1% decrease in our defense budget for ’11 would cover the shortfalls in our education budget.. There is no profit to be had in education though.

    As a country we are much more concerned with KILLING others, than educating our own.

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