Gardeners are getting the spring itch

Published 8:15pm Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You know the saying… “ If you don’t like the weather here, wait a week or two.” How true that is.

I checked the weather last year at this time and the highs were in the 50’s. I have been asked many times lately if I think we’ll have another frost. I reply honestly… “Certainly!” Yes it is a great time to put trees and shrubs in the ground, but it is too early to plant certain other plants and bedding plants is one of them.

I don’t think we’ll see begonias,marigolds and such until about late March.

The heat loving plants like vinca,lantanna, and tomatoes will be in April. Same goes for vegetable plants also. Please don’t start grass seeds as well, these need warm days and warm nights to sprout. Itching to plant something?

Start your tomatoes and summer annuals indoors now.

It’s easy. Be sure to use good potting soil with lots of peat. By the time they are about 3 inches tall they may be ready to go outside.

Go ahead also and start you caladium bulbs inside in a warm place. These too should have a good size to them by April.If you can find gladiolus bulbs around town, hurry and plant these tall beauties too.

Many of you I know have the spring bug and that’s good… but there’s plenty of other yard chores that can be done now to calm that spring itch and let you soak up some good sunshine. Oh just a word about pruning crepemrytles before I go…. ..don’t.

Next week I’ll give those of you living on prairie soil some different planting options for blooming trees and shrubs. See ya!

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