City workers jailed Monday

Published 11:37pm Monday, February 7, 2011

Selma Police arrested a Selma city employee Monday and a recent city employee on theft charges connected to stealing car parts from a police lock-up.


Former public works employee Terence Marshall and current public works employee Herman Ellis were taken into custody, charged and placed in the Dallas County Jail. The two were still in the jail as of late Monday afternoon

According to Selma Chief of Police William Riley, Ellis reportedly paid Marshall $200 to remove the drive shaft and transmission from a SUV stored at the city’s holding lot on Water Avenue. He then reportedly paid Marshall an additional $150 to install those stolen parts into a SUV registered in Ellis’ name.

“The incident was reported to us on Jan. 19,” Riley said. “At that time we began an investigation. We came across Mr. Marshall’s name as someone who might be connected with the theft. During the interview, he did say he had removed the items from the car.”

The car itself was in police custody as property tied to an October drug arrest.

Marshall, who was an employee of the city at the time of the theft, used his position and access to the lot to allegedly aid in the theft, Riley said.


“At the time of the theft, he was an employee of the city, but is not now,” Riley said, adding he was not sure when Marshall’s employment with the city ended.

As for Ellis, he is currently employed with the city, Riley said.

According to the approved city budget for 2010-2011, both Marshall and Ellis were included in the public works department’s employee roster. Marshall was listed as a full-time laborer 1, while Ellis was listed as full-time litter vac driver.

Marshall’s bond for the theft of property first charge was set at $500,000 while Ellis, who was charged with receiving stolen property first, had his bond set at $250,000.

- Times-Journal director of digital media Leesha Faulkner contributed to this report.

  • truth

    Stupid, stupid, stupid….

  • Ipso Facto

    The bonds are more a statement than an issue of risk. Corruption is the big issue these days. Tomorrow it will be something else. So sad.

    Wonder if there will be justice in this case. If these slugs committed these crimes, and example should be made of them. Don’t expect much more, however, than ordering restitution and probation. If guilty, make them stand near the foot of the Pettus Bridge wearing signs that stated they stole from the city of Selma. Unfortunately, some people would probably cheer them on.

    Cannot wait for the claims of politically motivated and racially motivated to commence…the usual excuses for malfeasance and corruption.

  • bama22

    I just love it! That’s about all I can say about this, just shake your heads Selma.

  • jon

    corruptness is wide in the small town.from street sweeper to who knows where.

  • Maggie Davies

    Does anyone else think that these bonds are extreme? Officer Christopher Harris was given only a $50,000 bond when he was charged with raping a minor. Does this judge think that car parts are worth one-quarter to a half a million dollars, while a child’s well being is only worth a fraction of that?

    Either there is much more to this story or this is a sad sign of how we veiw the value of our children here in Dallas County.

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