NAACP: Court shooting ‘senseless’

Published 11:56pm Friday, February 4, 2011

GOODWATER — The president of the Alabama chapter of the NAACP said Friday he is concerned about the shooting of a black man in a small-town courtroom by a white police officer and hopes authorities conduct a thorough investigation.

“It seems like just another senseless shooting of a young African-American male,” said Alabama NAACP President Bernard Simelton of the shooting Bryant Keith Ford, 25, on Thursday.

Authorities say Ford was shot by a Goodwater police officer after he waved a crutch in the air and attempted to take a gun that District Court Judge Carlton Teel had pulled out. Two attorneys who witnessed the melee confirmed investigators’ version of events, but some spectators deny that Ford threatened the judge.

Ford was listed in good condition Friday at UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

Reached at his office in Rockford, Teel declined comment. “I’ve been asked not to talk about it,” Teel said.

The chairman of the civil rights arm of the legislative black caucus, state Rep. Alvin Holmes, said he will ask the Justice Department to investigate the shooting.

Goodwater police asked the Alabama Bureau of Investigation to review the shooting, but Holmes said he wants an investigation by someone from outside the state. No charges had been filed by late Friday. The name of the police officer has not been released.

“A man was shot when he was on crutches,” Holmes said.

Located about 60 miles north of Montgomery in a rural county where unemployment is high partly because of closed textile mills, Goodwater is about 70 percent black, and both Police Chief Gerald Whetstone and Mayor Lonnie Caldwell are black. While it seems like a place where minorities are in firm control, some black residents said the shooting laid bare an uneasy relationship between the town’s administration and residents.

  • e1948eas

    Mr. DD: I see nothing wrong with me joining a white organization as long as every colored organization is only for them and nothing for whitey. Wait I apologize, for Fred Sanford said colored could be white for white is a color. NAACP is about as much of a joke as Fred’s statement. I’ve known Cecil for over 40 years and never
    heard him make a racist statement ! I for one think the fool in the Court deserved a bullet between the eyes if he was black, white, tan, or whatever. We have to bring order and accountability back to this Country or we will have an Egypt here. And I am not racist for my feelings are for all fools that act the part.

  • Ipso Facto

    The usual tired rhetoric trotted out to appease the unwashed. Apparently the idiot going off in the courtroom and trying to reach for the gun makes sense to some. If he had shot the judge or some other innocent victim, it would be labeled an accident.

    When a judge says shut up and sit down, common sense says obey. Of course, common sense is something sorely lacking in people who feel empowered to do as they please. These people have no self-discipline and have been taught that it is OK to act out a la Rose when things don’t go your way.

    The man shot should be grateful he is not dead, but I guess now we will be forced to endure the antics of those who cannot accept the truth. These rousers of the rabble will again try to make a mountain in the media out of a molehill in an effort to restore some of the luster to their own names and impotent reputations.

    I just thank God it didn’t happen here in Selma.

  • Mr.DD

    e1948eas,Cecil has been President/CEO Of the NAAWP organization in Selma for a long time.It’s almost time for you to renew your membership

  • Ray39766

    News flash….NAACP condemns black man that attacked other people in a courtroom and tried to grab a gun when he was ordered to sit down. NAACP uses common sense in denouncing his actions in the court room and agrees with the use of force to stop his assault.

    Meanwhile, the “witnesses” in the case say that the man never assaulted anyone and he was shot down for absolutely no reason. NAACP refers the witnesses to the same mental institution that they referred the “witnesses” of the Dempsey shooting at Craig Field. You rememeber the one, where all the witnesses said the man had no gun and were willing to testify to it until they realized there was an officer installed dash cam that showed what actually happened.

    NAACP…… always so ready to play the race card, its so much easier than teaching personal responsibility.

    • slimt

      I’m not sure what your saying here.
      Is this true, or are you being sarcastic?
      I’m going to do some searching.

  • Just Curious

    Where is the NAACP with all of this black on black crime going on?

    • leo71

      And myriads of other problems with us too,Just Curious.If groups like the NAACP and so called leaders like Jackson & Sharpton spoke out more about the problems blacks cause ourselves–like too many black men in prisons and courtrooms like the one in this article– we’d be better for it.

    • jon

      yes.if someone created a naawp there would be a fuss and if someone would start a t.v. channel called WET.that to would be attacked.i am 51 years old and i have heard this mess everyone of those years when will greed and scams on black crime pays,they know who has a pocket full of cash from selling dime bags all day and worse,thats one reason the thugs shoot and kill each other 99 % over drugs..

  • jon

    why didnt he use a taser nopw that came to mind after posting first comment.ey they pay 500 dollars plus and are more than happy to taze one of us if givent eh chance.yea why didnt they use the taser gun instead of the real dead deadly one

  • e1948eas

    NAACP is a race card itself. What if Cecil starts an organization called NAAWP? How much hell would be raised?

  • e1948eas

    Roy Bean justice – I love it !

  • pleasureme

    It’s a crying shame people don’t know how to act in court and it’s even worse that these cops were there to protect those in court and this is the way they are treated by the NAACP. They were there doing there JOB!!!! Protecting this judge because this man was obviously out of control!!! You can kill someone with a cructh if you hit them in the right place. These people who are in the NAACP have been proven to be nothing but of bunch of leeches!!!Why don’t they get a real job and work. Oh that would be to hard to make a real living! I pray people will wake up and see what a bunch of LEECHES they are!

  • yellowroseofTexas

    Once again, the NAACP used any excuse to play the race card. The fool should have known how to behave in a courtroom. On the other hand, perhaps it was simply a plan to get free money. There are plenty who spend their time figuring out how to make easy money.

  • slimt

    Had this been any other race combination shooting, no one would be talking like this. Now, because it’s white on black, it’s going to get talked to death, and in the end you watch: all charges will be dropped against “the victim”; even his original charges; and on top of that the officer, dept., and city or state will be sued, and the victim will get a nice payday. Let’s keep teaching them that if they fight the system hard enough they can get all charges dropped and a huge payday. Who said crime didn’t pay.?! You just have to be willing to risk your life; and if that goes the wrong way, at least your family will get paid. It’s sickening.

  • smallville

    Maybe he shouldn’t have been shot, but he had a serious lack of judgment by waving a crutch around in a courtroom. And don’t forget the reason he was in the courtroom to begin with….

  • bama22

    NAACP, Ha..Ha.., what a joke for an organization. They should have disbanded years ago. Idiot’s!!

    • jon

      thats truebama..that stuff burned out long ago.everything fizzles and the naacp has surely seen its better days.most of the forefathers of taking credit for starting that movement are getting busted for illegal stuff in not paying tax’s come on.who cares what the naacp has to say.they continue to take money from the very people they tell they are helping.let em go.they are burn-outs..

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