Wasteful spending must stop now

Published 11:43pm Thursday, January 13, 2011

You will have to give some Democrats credit; they are masters at hypocrisy. First of all, the only thing they have concerned themselves with the past two years is ramming ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” down the throats of the American people.

How about that for an agenda to get America back to work?

Oh sure, they passed a stimulus package that failed to stimulate anything except their tremendous appetite to spend and reward their backers.

Now that they have initiated their special brand of left wing socialism, all of a sudden, they are concerned about unemployment. Where have they been the past four years, under a rock?

Congress has been under their control and the country has been racking up record deficits, debt and unemployment ever since. The cry for jobs went unheeded, until now.

The Republicans are not blameless themselves for the mess we are in. The latest deal with Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts was terribly flawed.

Not that extending the tax cuts another two years was unwise, but the terms imposed by Obama to keep tax rates from rising was fiscally irresponsible.

It encompassed extending unemployment benefits, doling out subsidies to the ethanol industry and lowering the Social Security withholding tax from 6.2 to 4.2 blowing another three-quarter trillion dollar hole in the budget. We are broke. Doesn’t anyone in Washington D.C. understand that?

These deals have to stop when deficit spending and debt is involved.

We the people simply do not understand the mentality being displayed in Washington, D.C. Both parties need to stop spending, stop waste, prosecute corruption, stop duplication of services, abolish the Energy Department (inefficient & ineffective) and the Education Department (ineffective), cut the federal workforce 20 percent in numbers and salaries (overpaid & outnumber public sector), reduce salaries and benefit packages of Congress (responsible for our fiscal mess), enforce term limits on Congress (reject career politicians), repeal ObamaCare, bring troops home and place them on the border (war not winnable & not worth expending lives and treasury), initiate a work for welfare program, no work, no pay, and purge the Medicare and Social Security system of those who have never paid a cent into the system.

Furthermore, hands off Social Security and Medicare for senior citizens who have worked and paid into the system all their lives, especially since they aren’t the cause of the deficits or debt, unbridled spending is.

  • D-Man

    “crashing the ss system” has been coming for a good while.

    I guess, this is just another way to speed up the process.

    Bush wanted to let us pay into the stock market and quit forcing ss payments out of our pay checks.

    Both ways would “temporarily” help the economy, but both are perilously flawed.

    I guess, this is just a different way to end the social security system as we know it.

    It’s going to be a bumpy road.

  • D-Man

    If what you say is correct, then technically we can’t call it an “employer match” as it’s been called in the past simply because the two would not be equal, an although much better than a net of 4% decrease on the system.

    Again, the is “very temporary”. This 2% cut nationwide is compounded with the baby boomers who are starting to hit the system.

    For every 1 baby boomer hitting the system, there is a double effect that will compound in conjunction with the 2% decrease we are looking at a disaster in the next few years.

    For every one baby boomer, there’s one more monthly check and one less person paying into the financial system.

    One would try to argue that the one less person paying into the system could be argued with one birth, but if you look at statistics, this is not the case as unemployment is increasing and births have declined in the working sector.

    Are you positive the tax law is still requiring the employer to pay the 6.2%, or has it just not went into effect just yet?

    • Selma On My Mind

      D-Man, I am positive that the employer stays at 6.2%. I agree with all your points.

  • Selma On My Mind

    The employee’s portion was lowered to 4.2%. However, the employer match still remains at 6.2%. Therefore, it is a 2% decrease to the social security fund. In effect this gives everyone a 2% raise on the first approximately $106,800 of earnings (social security wage base). Not a very good idea even though it helps us all. . . .temporarily.

  • D-Man

    Many employees do not know this, but employers match the 6.2% social security tax for their ss retirement.

    In other words, every week that every person works, 12.4% of their salary is sent to the government, into a fund that is spent on all types of things instead of being in a trust fund.

    According to this article, Obama, etal decreased this to 4.2% plus another 4.2% from the employer, for a total net tax of 8.4% instead of 12.4%?

    That is a lot of money not going into the social security fund at a time when the baby boomers are just starting to hit the system.

    It’s so obvious that this will bankrupt the system, so the real question is, what are they up to?

    What will happen is for a short time, people will have a little more money so that it will “look” like the economy is improving and make the President look good and by the time someone else gets in office that they can blame, Obama’s house of cards will fall.

  • vevi

    Excellent Article and I and many Americans agree .The goverment body we have is killing our country.Really, the people sitting on their behinds receiving WELFARE is a discrace and this county is full of them .No wonder we have so much crime.Work all yor life ,Have and accident or surgery ,unable to work.Apply for disability get turned down ,lose everything you have worked for and starve have to live on the street,but if you have never work a day you can always have WELFARE ,have children so you get more money .Get food stamps and free medical attention ,Have a roof over your head and heat and air,all of this with the goverments help!!When you have worked all your life you can at retirement age look forward to starvation,got to pay insurance for medical treatment or die, hopefully you have a home.But theres no help with your light bill Don”t ask.Work all your life no benifits.Never work all benifits. MESSED UP

  • Renigade

    James, again an excellent article. I agree the Republicans are not without blame and should be held accountable. However, I wouldn’t expect to much change with the “Indiana Weeper” in charge. We need to keep the newly elected Tea Party Folks in the Public Cross Hairs to insure they stay the course. Several of the old guard need to go in 2012 if we really want change. I hope Sara Palin keeps up the pressure over the next two years. She seems to be the only one who will speak the truth. I admire her “guts” and she needs our support. Keep up your good work and thanks for being a Real Patriot!!!

  • D-Man

    wow, he did what?? Lowered social security withholding from 6.2 to 4.2? That’s the absolute DUMBEST thing I have seen in my LIFE,unless it’s a political stunt to see the retirement system go bankrupt just as the baby boomers are about to hit the system cause chaos.

    Maybe this is a political stunt to usher in socialism, or at a minimum to blame the republicans.

    What in the hell is going on with this country? Is it the end of the social security system or is it the beginning of a socialistic government and uno-party system (democratic)?

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