Fruit bearing trees need attention

Published 7:57pm Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello gardeners! Brr..

These really cold days are uncomfotrable to us humans, but some plants such as fruit trees need the cold to produce fruit.

Have you ever wondered why the apples, pears and some other fruit that you see in the grocery store is not for sale in garden centers in our area?

That’s because they require more cold than we have here in the south. This cold that fruit trees need is called ‘chilling hours’. Chilling hours are counted when temperatures are below 45 degrees.

In the south our Granny Smith, Mollies and Fugi apples don’t require many chilling hours. The McIntosh, Red Delicious apples grown in the northern regions need more chilling hours to produce fruit.

The Barlett pear also needs more chilling hours and that’s why it won’t produce well here either. This is one reason we suggest you buy locally and not from mail order catalogs.

Did you receive a Rosemary or Ivy Topiary as a Christmas gift?

Both of these plants would rather be outside than inside where the air is dry.

Magazines will show these plants nicely decorating mantles and coffee tables but they would rather be outside.

The Ivy would like to be in a partly shaded spot outside and the rosemary loves full sun. Both these plants like to be on the slightly dry side. Don’t pamper them!

I’m trying to keep my spirits up by remembering that Spring is not far away. Aah, warm weather.

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