New measures are troubling

Published 3:14pm Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is no fun writing about the demise of our country, I assure you. It’s as if the November election never happened.

The Democrats are saying to the American people, we don’t care what you want or don’t want, we are going to bring America down to European status, dependent, broke and spiritually devoid of God. We intend to be politically correct at the expense of liberty, national defense or whatever else may get in the way.

Apparently, nothing was learned from the election just concluded. How pathetic the majority of Democrats have become. Some of these characters were even re-elected to continue their destroy America crusade.

It is sad that some Republicans have no backbone at all. The Democrats can always count on just enough in name only Republicans to carry whatever they are imposing on an unwilling populace. The people need to finish the job in 2012 and rid Congress of the left over riff-raff.

I believe one of the most troubling things is the vote to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that has been in place for 17 years.

You might ask, well how about the massive federal deficits or even more troubling our nation’s strangling national debt robbing our children and grandchildren? While those are troubling, true enough, and they do effect our national security, I perceive the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal as an affront to all Christians and the values they espouse.

I’m beginning to wonder how much longer God is willing to tolerate an ungrateful nation intent on defying His authority. This was a vote against Christian morality and values, and our military personnel now serving.

There is little doubt in my mind that there will be a price to pay for this repeal. For one thing there will be a retention problem of skilled personnel in the military. Another will be the inability to recruit young men and women to serve in the military under these circumstances.

It will create a protected group within our military that will receive special treatment due to fear of being brought up on charges, a major distraction from the mission of our military.

Next will be benefit packages for gay and lesbian couples. Already on the chopping block is Tri-care, military retirement pay and the entire retirees benefit packages promised by our government.

Yet these dim wits in congress vote to add more entitlements to the roles. Unbelievable stupidity.

  • aacourtland

    James, you and the responders below are the product of the republican scare machine. “They are turning our country into a socialist state…The blacks and gays are taking over the country…spending is out of control…” You all need to wake up and think for yourselves. This is class warfare tactics at its best, and if you people don’t wake up and smell the coffee, you won’t recognize this country in a couple of years. It looks like we are getting back on track economically–in just about two years, in fact. It will be interesting to see in which direction this new wave of leadership takes the country in. Let’s hope we don’t see the trickle down economics that didn’t work in the 1980′s and during W’s reign. It starts off pretty good, but at the end, we are ladened with massive debt. In the last case, we almost saw the collapse of the financial institutions of this country. Please, tea party republicans, don’t take us back to that! Any idiot knows that what will continue to pull this country out of its economic woes is supply and demand economics. Companies hire individuals to make a product, or offer a service, and those same people will, in turn, purchase those products and services. Companies are sitting on record profits right now, and are poised to expand. Don’t get me wrong. If the new republican leadership can present some good ideas that will continue the growth we are now seeing, then as an American, I will support them, and the democrats who are now in the minority need to work with these people for the sake of our country, as this is not what happended with the republicans the past two years. Republicans, don’t forget. It’s now time for YOU to present some ideas, something you all haven’t done in two years. Good luck.

    • POPDUKES12

      I’ve always found that Democrats are always troubled with those pesky little thing called “facts” when it doesn’t fit their talking points. just saying. popdukes12

  • Renigade

    James again an excellent article and I appreciate your efforts to enlighten the uninformed public. I agree the democrats have totally ignored the wishes of the majority and they will pay the price again in 2012. However,here in Alabama, I don’t feel that confident in the newly elected Republican Majority. There are signs we have several “closet democrats” within our ranks. We had 15 Republicans vote against SB-2 during Gov. Riley’s special session. As a TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN I feel they should be exposed and dealt with swiftly, harshly and shone no mercy. I think this type of conduct to remain in office should not be tolerated by the voters of Alabama. This is what happens when you have “weak leadership” at the top. I fear this is what has happened here in Alabama and the voters have no idea what’s taking place.The next couple of years should prove interesting!!!

    • D-Man

      The closet democrats were probably “bribed”. No doubt they are getting kick backs.

  • ltcjdc47

    Mr. Smith, as a military retiree I agree with you 100%. There will indeed be a price to pay for this. Readiness will certainly not improve as a result and this decision opens a Pandora’s box of other issues. I do not care if this has been done “successfully” in other countries. The USA did not need to go down this road. Do we want to have the world’s greatest military or do we just one to be like the rest? Sadly, it looks like our elected leaders want us to be like the rest.

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