Plants make good gifts, too

Published 8:27pm Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Now that we are in full swing of the gift-giving season don’t forget plants as gifts.

One that is very popular is the Christmas cactus. The Christmas cactus is very easy to grow.

When you get one now give it bright light and keep the soil barely moist, not wet.

Next spring when it warms up to at least the 60s at night, put it outside where it will get morning sun only.

Throughout the summer continue to water and fertilize with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer such as Jack’s Classic 20-20-20. In the fall before it gets too cold, usually around October, bring the cactus inside near a window with good light and stop watering completely. When you begin to see buds forming stat watering again but not soggy.

Trees and shrubs also make nice gifts. Maybe something with a nice fragrance such as Gardenia or Tea Olive. Plants that bloom are fun, such as Camellia roses, Witch hazel, Azaleas, Snowball bushes, butterfly bushes and hydrangeas. Don’t forget the shade and ornamental trees.

Maybe you noticed the beautiful foliage on the Ginkgo, red maple, Bradford pears and crepe myrtle. Also fruit trees make nice gifts.

If you have a shrub that was planted in the wrong place or just want it moved somewhere else, now through January would be the time to do it.

Do you remember early last spring when the yellow daffodil bulbs were blooming and you wished you had some in your yard? They can be planted now through the end of December. Also,hyacinths and Dutch iris can be planted now.

Until next week, happy shopping.

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