Rainy weather the perfect time to plant

Published 11:19pm Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rain at last! Let the planting begin.

If you’ve been thinking of replacing some shrubs or planting a couple of trees this fall, the time is right. I’ve heard many of you say that it’s too hot for pansies, well to me it’s just right. Yes I know you still have those summer annuals hanging on, but go ahead and pull them up and plant your winter annuals so they can get settled in before winter. I’ve been asked many times lately if the lawn can be fertilized now. Answer , it’s too late. But you can apply the pre-emerge weed killer now, that will help prevent next springs weeds. Lime can be applied now too. If you live on praire soil you don’t need to do it, but if you have a sandy lome soil, it’s a good bet your lawn could benefit from it. Apply it now, because it takes several months to get into the soil.

Go ahead and get your house plants inside for the winter. If you need to, cut them back a little. Before bringing them inside, drench the soil with a mild solution of soapy water to wash out any insects that made their way into the pot. If you need to repot them to larger pots, do that now too. Stop by your local nursery professional and grab some of those great inexpensive clear saucers for your plants while your at it.You certanly don’t want to harm your carpet or floors this winter.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Rosalie Bjelke is a local gardening columnist.

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